yupz…1stly i wanna tell u all, my name is Euodia Sim Kui Chu.  i was born in 12th sept 89 in lahad datu sabah, malaysia. like eat a lot, musics novels, comics, and one more sleeping—->fvrte. i like red n green n other colour hehehe. i wanna be an engineering and that’s why i was continue my stdies in mechanical engineering in this college>>>>LEGENDA college(under LINTON college).

i am just a girl same  like other girl, but i think a bite diffrent. b’coz i’m a naugthy n like to dress like boy>>>konon!!!but still normal(not homesexual) hahahaha

lastly i wanna remind

<a href=”http://www.glitter-graphics.com/myspace/text_generator.php&#8221; target=_blank><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/j.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/u.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/s.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/t.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://dl3.glitter-graphics.net/empty.gif&#8221; width=20 border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/a.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://dl3.glitter-graphics.net/empty.gif&#8221; width=20 border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/g.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/i.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/r.gif&#8221; border=0><img src=”http://text.glitter-graphics.net/crl/l.gif&#8221; border=0></a>


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